Meet our team

Steve Fox

Operations Director

With a long history in the pet food industry, Steve oversees our entire operations, manufacturing, sourcing and is the backbone to our wonderful warehouse.


Customer Experience Manager 

Samantha loves her role connecting with our customers and is always at hand with her team to give you the best help, support and advice when needed on your K&K customer journey. 


 Customer Services Manager 

Caitley loves dogs. And people. With that in mind, she is passionate about our products and  makes sure our customers are well informed and happy at all times.  


Data Analyst

Siobhan is constantly at the cutting edge of all the data that is processed through our Fitkolars and is in charge of ensuring that anything and everything at Kasper & Kitty works exactly as it should. 


Animal Nutritionist and Veterinary Surgeon

Scott is here for when expert advice is needed, ensuring our dogs health, diet and wellbeing is our key focus. Scott is available to offer help, support and advice and enjoys writing informative content for our website and social media. He will be joining us once a month on facebook and instagram live so login to get all your pet questions answered. 


Production Manager 

Johan oversees the bespoke mixing, blending and packaging for your monthly deliveries. When your box arrives, you can rest assured that Johan and his team have packaged your dogs menu with care and attention. 


Business Development Consultant

With over 30 years experience in retail, sourcing and marketing. Peter ensures that our strategy is consistent,  and our company growth and customer experience  is at the heart of what he does. 


Founder & Chairman

Emma-Jane has over 25 years experience in business strategy and commercial planning. When she is not overseeing all things Kasper and Kitty, she enjoys travelling and spending time with her dogs Fish and Chips, and enjoys swimming and being active. 


Founder & Chairman 

Barry Rubery, one of the founders of the company , with a wealth of knowledge in tech consumerables and a passion for animals is the man who pulls the team together.