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Premium ingredients and mono-proteins

Our chews only contain single source protein. We don’t use any nasties so you can be rest assured our premium ingredients are natural with no artificial colours or flavours. 

Enriched with vitamins and special enzymes

Our dental chews contain taurine, chlorophyll and enzymes to stop plaque from hardening and calcium to strengthen your dog’s teeth and gums.

Low in fat and no added sugar

Our dentals sticks are low in calorie, fats and sugars without compromising on taste. We calculate the calories in all our dentals so that you can use the Kalorometer on our App to monitor your dogs daily calorie intake.  

Scientifically designed texture for good scrubbing

The rough texture helps remove plaque and tartar from the enamel and prevents food and bacteria around the gums. Giving your dog a good workout for their teeth!

Daily oral care by Kasper & Kitty

Having good dental hygiene is important to your dog’s health and well-being. Plaque-forming bacteria can access the bloodstream and may damage your dog’s kidneys and other organs. Our advanced nutrition dental chews contain nutrients that help limit the production of tartar and make sure food and bacteria build up around the gumline are removed. Feeding Kasper & Kitty dental sticks daily is the perfect place to start keeping your dog’s teeth healthy and shiny.

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Super fresh dental sticks

The star-shape of this chew plus the active ingredients together reduce plaque formation and massages the gums. Oral care has never been easier, just select the right size from our recommended selections after registration and feed once daily.

Puppy and small dental sticks

These safe and easy to digest dental sticks are the perfect place to start your puppy on oral hygiene with softer texture. Not only are they tasty but contain  ingredients like added calcium supporting your puppy growth and safeguarding them from future gum disease. Not suitable for puppies under 3 months old. 

Grain-free dental sticks

Why should having a dietary preference stop your dog from having good oral care. These dental chews are easy to digest without loosing any of the plaque-fighting properties and specially formulated for sensitive gums. The hard texture ensures the plaque is removed daily.

Grain-free or Cereal-free

Kasper & Kitty’s grain-free and cereal-free range are special dental chews with a difference. We believe all dogs deserve proper nutrition including those with allergies. Thanks to our protein-packed, grain-free and cereal-free dental chews, your canine friend doesn’t need to skip on their oral hygiene routine.

Why Choose Grain-Free?

Many dogs have shown to be allergic to grain but there are also  many health benefits associated with a Grain-Free diet. All our grain-free recipes are made with potato based Carbohydrates and contain no traces of wheat or grains.  

  • Helps keep dogs fuller longer resulting in eating less frequently (good news because grainfree/high-protein foods can be more expensive)
  • May reduce  allergies.
  • More energy.
  • Fewer and smaller stools.
  • Healthier skin.
  • Shinier coat.
  • Less shedding.
  • Better breath.
Why Choose Cereal-Free?

Cereal-Free diets are similar to Grain-Free diets however our cereal-free recipes are rice based rather than potato based. Brown rice is an excellent source of protein, is an easily digestable carbohydrate and is low in fat compared to white rice. Rice based recipes are also great for senior dogs.

  • Provides Energy.
  • Low Percentage of Fat.
  • Low in Sodium.
  • Rich in Vitamin D.
  • Great Source of Niacin, Calcium, Iron, Thiamine & Riboflavin.
  • Improves Bowel Movements.
  • Helps Lower Cholesterol.
  • Cure Stomach Ailments.

Does my dog need dental sticks daily?

If anything for preventative measures, yes. But every dog owner should be aware of the key symptoms your four-legged friend will experience as gum disease will start silently with no obvious signs but advances quickly. Some of the symptoms include:

1. Bad breath

2. Drooling

3. Discoloured teeth and pale

4. Swollen or bleeding gums

5. Tooth and bone loss

6. Chronic pain making it difficult to chew

If unaddressed, gum disease may have fatal effects for your dog. So keep your dog’s teeth and gum in best health with a Kasper & Kitty dental stick a day in addition to regular brushing. With the proper oral Huygens routine, you can avoid those costly teeth cleaning and help your dog lead their best life with you. Please consult a veterinarian practitioner for more advice.


of dogs have gum disease by age 3 - Kennel Club UK

Easy and convenient delivery

Get your daily dentals delivered straight to your dog with our monthly subscription- no more heavy bags or queues at the shop. Select from our recommended products, the right dental chew for your dog after registration or on the go from your app.  

Ingredients with purpose

Our nutritional experts have carefully crafted a special dental chew that not only has a plaque-removing texture but also ingredients for a proper clean. Special ingredients include spirulina which is high in calcium for strong teeth and chlorophyll to reduce oral bacteria, or zeolite for to remove food and bacteria from the tooth surface and gumline.  What’s more, these dentals are going to get your dog salivating- cleaning teeth is more enjoyable than ever before.

Satisfaction guarantee!

If your dog isn’t 100% happy with their Kasper & Kitty treats and subscription box, we’ll work with you to make it right.