Wet Food

Browse our range of Wet Food Trays to keep your dog happy.

Why Choose Grain-Free?

Many dogs have shown to be allergic to grain but there are also  many health benefits associated with a Grain-Free diet. All our grain-free recipes are made with potato based Carbohydrates and contain no traces of wheat or grains.

  • Helps keep dogs fuller longer resulting in eating less frequently (good news because grainfree/high-protein foods can be more expensive)
  • May reduce  allergies.
  • More energy.
  • Fewer and smaller stools.
  • Healthier skin.
  • Shinier coat.
  • Less shedding.
  • Better breath.
Why Choose Cereal-Free?

Cereal-Free diets are similar to Grain-Free diets however our cereal-free recipes are rice based rather than potato based. Brown rice is an excellent source of protein, is an easily digestable carbohydrate and is low in fat compared to white rice. Rice based recipes are also great for senior dogs. 

  • Provides Energy.
  • Low Percentage of Fat.
  • Low in Sodium.
  • Rich in Vitamin D.
  • Great Source of Niacin, Calcium, Iron, Thiamine & Riboflavin.
  • Improves Bowel Movements.
  • Helps Lower Cholesterol.
  • Cure Stomach Ailments.
Why Choose Hypoallergenic?

Most dog food allergies are caused by beef, chicken, eggs, corn, wheat, soy and milk. Since these ingredients are prevalent in most commercial dog foods, simply switching to a different brand or type of food is not enough. 

Only the good stuff

Our range of wet food contains essential ingredients to maintain a healthy diet for your dog. All of our Wet Food is free from wheat and cereal and our clever algorithm only recommends recipes based on your dogs’ health profile. You can feel assured that only the best quality ingredients and nutrients have been included in our recipes.

Lamb, Sweet Potato and Brown Rice

Made with freshly prepared cuts of lamb and is a great source of protein for your dog. No sugars, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Great accompaniment to our dry food range, this particular wet food is sure to get your dog’s lips licking.


Cereal-Free Puppy Chicken, Rice & Vegetable

Specially formulated for your puppy. Made with 100% natural and wholesome ingredients, giving your puppy all the nutrients and vitamins necessary to grow. Free from nasties and gentle on the most sensitive of stomachs.

Grain Free, Turkey, Sweet Potato and Vegetable

100% complete and delicious wet dog food to make your dog love you even more. With added natural minerals and a little water, we gently steam the ingredients into a mouthwatering meal or accompaniment to your dry food subscription.

Cereal-Free, Ocean Fish, Brown Rice & Vegetables

Our declicious fish recipe gives your dog the boost of Omega 3 needed to support your canine friend’s brain and coat development. With added vitamins and minerals, you can be sure your dog’s your vitality and health comes first.

Cereal Free Turkey Weight Control

Specially formulated for dogs with a little more weight, our formula proactively supports stressed joints whilst keeping those calories down. All of this without compromising on taste and nutritional value.

Cereal Free Senior Chicken, Brown Rice and Vegetable

This special recipe is formulated to help your senior canine friend stay active and healthy even in old age. Glucosamine and Chondroitin are added for additional joint and muscle support.

Quality ingredients

Packed full of vitamins and nutrients, our premium ingredients are natural with no artificial colours or flavours.

Single Source Protein

Limiting your dogs intake of protein aids digestion and can help identify any allergies.

Weight managment

We calculate the calories in all our wet food so that you can use the Kalorometer on our App to monitor your dogs daily calorie intake.

Convenient delivery

No more planning, no more shopping. Our wet food trays can be easily added to your order each month.

Easily add your wet food trays to your monthly order. 

Adding extras from our product range has never been easier. Browse our shop after registration to see our recommended products suited to your dog’s dietary needs.

Whats Inside your Food? 

Our unique algorithm ensures we have the right balance of vitamins and minerals developed by vets and nutritional experts supporting individual lifestyle and health goals. Making healthy easy so your dog starts each day feeling his best.

Stress & Mood
Skin, Hair & Nails
Pre-defined portions
Monthly updates to portion via activity tracker
Calorie counting on app
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