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Track your dog's activity


Finding time to ensure your pet’s exercise needs are met is difficult. With our app and activity tracker Fitkolar, you can see your dog’s daily performance and activity at glance. Monitor general activity levels with our Kasper Points as well as steps, distance, time active and rest. With our recommendations and exercise stats, see how changes in activity impacts your dog’s overall day and how their happiness through exercise is improves.  Know even when you’re not there, your four-legged friend is getting the right amount of exercise.

Exercise Calendar

Logged workouts will pop up in the exercise calendar so you can look back on what you’ve accomplished, and use data & trends to make progress toward your dog’s goal.

Track your dog's food intake


Do you really know really know how many calories your dog is getting a day? Get the guidance and tools you need to stay on track toward your four-legged friend’s nutrition and weight goals with Kasper & Kitty innovative calorie counter and food diary for dogs. Calculated from your dog’s bespoke meal plan, we estimate how many calories your dog should be consuming a day and flag when your dog has reached their daily limit. So you can gain insight into what is potentially contributing to his or her health and weight problems. 

Food database

We focus on making sure you can log your dog’s meals as quickly and easily as possible. Quickly add food and calories from your Kasper & Kitty meal plan or create your own food to get an accurate and complete picture of what your dog is eating.

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Reminder Notifications

Reminders will pop up on your phone to give you a gentle push in the right direction whether checking in on what you have fed your dog, to check your dog’s activity goals or to let you know when your order is ready to be shipped.

Multiple dogs & devices

You have a pack of dogs? No problem, our app allows you  two switch between dogs to view their seperate dashboards for activity and food intake in addition to their individual meal plans.

Goal setting

Whether ensuring your dog has had enough exercise or has not been overfed for the day, Kasper & Kitty have developed unique algorithm to quantify their health and wellbeing- meaning no guesswork for you!

Also available on desktop

Cloud synchronisation between app and browser ensuring you are always up to date. Just sign up and enjoy the full experience.

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